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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Model & MC Auditions

VIP at Bead Boutique

The WLUFLS would like to extend a special thank you to those fabulous ladies who came out to the VIP Bead Boutique Party this past Sunday. Thanks to the very kind Jess the WLUFLS had the entire shop to themselves - and did we ever take advantage of it! Everyone who came out was able to make their own piece of custom jewellery, in addition to the 10% storewide discount which was made exclusive to our members. We hope that everyone who came out enjoyed their night as much as we did and are still rocking their awesome Bead Boutique jewellery. 

If you wanted to come out and unfortunately couldn’t make it you are in luck! On Wednesday November 20th our long time sponsor Meow Boutique will be hosting our annual shopping party. The store will be opened up to WLUFLS members and a discount of 20% will be made available. Unfortunately the 20% off will not apply to greeting cards, but Meow’s awesome vintage vibe is worth checking out. See the link below for the Facebook event, we hope to see you there!

Stay Stylish, xo. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sweat Away Your Frustrations

Like every other university student on the face of the earth, I am absolutely swamped with work. We all know that November is a time where the days are shorter and the to-do lists are longer so frustrations (and sleep deprivation) are bound to arise. I wanted to write this so that all of you stressed out students can know that a) you are not alone and b) you can feel better! 

While it wasn't always, my go-to stress reliever is a good workout. Of course it is hard to pull away from our studies or peel ourselves off of the couch, but I guarantee you it is worth it. If you are reading this and rolling your eyes, assuming I am the typical namaste health freak I promise you I am not. I am a regular student who found themselves getting a little too stressed and also tired of using excessive amounts of carbs to ease the pain. I wanted to see what all this fitness chit chat was about, and if it really was as easy as everyone made it seem. 

After my first week at the gym I realized that it is easy to turn a bad day into a good workout - in fact you do it without even really knowing. Half the battle is getting your runners on and doing something, but once you get on that treadmill, elliptical, or stairclimber you can slowly feel yourself calming down. You suddenly become less focused on your term paper due next week, and more focused on what you are doing right then and there. 

Ladies and gentlemen, if you find yourselves feeling as though you are about to give up hope and drop out of school take a deep breathe and channel your frustrations elsewhere. You will not only be getting some great exercise, but you will be giving your hard working brain a much needed break. 

Happy studying and stay stylish, xo.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Inspo

Here at the WLUFLS, we think that the 31st falling on a Thursday is a blessing in disguise since it turns Halloween day into Halloween week! This year one of our very talented members, Emily Hunt put her makeup skills to use and hosted a Halloween themed fundraiser. For a donation she created works of art and I want to share them with you. If you are still searching for a costume, check out these incredible looks and get inspired! 

Again, a huge thank you to Emily Hunt for the makeup and to Mitch Brewer for the gorgeous photos. 

Wishing everyone a very happy, and safe Halloween. Stay stylish, xo

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy October!

On behalf of the WLU Fashion and Lifestyle Society I want to wish everyone a huge welcome back! September was a crazy busy month for the WLUFLS with executive hiring, scheduling meetings, and get involved booths but we are back and better than ever! This year we are making the Answer to Cancer Fashion Show our main priority in order to make it the biggest it's ever been. In addition to our Fashion Show Executives we have created a Fashion Show Committee that will work year round in preparation for the big day. If you couldn't make it to our first general meeting back in September and you are still looking to get involved, not to worry because we have a number of awesome events coming up. 

On October 22 our Passionately Pink Bake Sale that will feature all pink baked goods in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Come out to the concourse to indulge in some sweets and support an amazing cause. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Fro-yo Fundraiser

Make your way to Menchies on King Street and grab some fro-yo to support an amazing cause. Don't forget to print out the coupon above to get your 10% off! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Laurier's Fashion Night Out

This Thursday March 7th WLU's Fashion and Lifestyle Society will be hosting their second shopping party of the year. Featured in this Laurier's Fashion Night Out are 3 incredible stores scattered throughout uptown Waterloo as well as an amazing 20% your purchases made. If you are in need of some retail therapy join us at 5:45pm at the corner of King and Bricker where we will then embark on our much needed shopping spree.

First stop is Patina's Vintage from 6pm - 6:30pm. Check out their facebook page to get a feel for their eclectic vintage vibe.

Next is the infamous Meow Boutique from 6:45pm - 7:15pm. Below is their facebook page so be sure to check out their unique pieces that I can assure you will not be found anywhere else. 

We will be ending the night at Unit 5 Boutique from 6:45pm - 7:15pm. A link to their facebook page is provided below where you can get a sneak peak at their most recent pieces.

We hope to see you there, stay stylish. xo