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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

VIP at Bead Boutique

The WLUFLS would like to extend a special thank you to those fabulous ladies who came out to the VIP Bead Boutique Party this past Sunday. Thanks to the very kind Jess the WLUFLS had the entire shop to themselves - and did we ever take advantage of it! Everyone who came out was able to make their own piece of custom jewellery, in addition to the 10% storewide discount which was made exclusive to our members. We hope that everyone who came out enjoyed their night as much as we did and are still rocking their awesome Bead Boutique jewellery. 

If you wanted to come out and unfortunately couldn’t make it you are in luck! On Wednesday November 20th our long time sponsor Meow Boutique will be hosting our annual shopping party. The store will be opened up to WLUFLS members and a discount of 20% will be made available. Unfortunately the 20% off will not apply to greeting cards, but Meow’s awesome vintage vibe is worth checking out. See the link below for the Facebook event, we hope to see you there!

Stay Stylish, xo. 

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