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Saturday, November 19, 2011

You Wear It, You Rock It: Hair Accessories

Check out our members rocking their favourite hair accessory!

IRC Formal Hair and Makeup!

Check out the lovely girls getting their hair and makeup done at the Bouckaert and Conrad residences for the IRC Formal!

Waldorf's Wardrobe

Even if you don't love the show, you have to admit the main motivation to watch Gossip Girl is to see what Blair Waldorf will be wearing. Her style has been an influence to girls and women all around the world. Here are some of our favourite picks from this season so far.

The High-Waist Pants

With this look, your legs are the center of attention. They appear elongated, and matched with a floral (but simple) top with pumps show a stylish you without much effort.


                                                                                                  The Leopard Dress

Nothing says Meow! like catty Blair in a leopard dress. Wearing tights with a dress that's not too short makes the outfit classy; people will know you mean business!

Sunshine Yellow

Hats seem to be a growing trend on Gossip Girl, since Blair has been spotted wearing many cute hats this season. Selecting a theme for your outfit (in this case, it's yellow) and choosing accessories; such as your shoes, hair accessory and jewelry, that represent this theme will complete your outfit.

Royal Wear

As Blair makes preparations for a royal wedding of her own, this soon-to-be Princess is already dressed in imperial attire. Aim for neutral colours; like neutral pink or beige, for your accessories or blazers to suggest a royal theme to your outfit.


A French Influence

Blair's French fiancé, Luis, seems to have made quite an influence on her wardrobe. Again, her outfit is all about matching the accessories. Find the same colour, but different shades of, your beret for your handbag and scarf and you'll be très chique!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Fashion Bash!

WLU Fashion and Lifestyle Society members know how to party in style!

WLU Fashion and Lifestyle Society!

Check out our stylish booth at Laurier! Make sure to visit the booth the next time we're set up!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Costume Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching - do you know what you want to dress up as? Here are a few costume ideas from some of the most popular chick-flicks out there!

1. The "Ex-Wife" from Mean Girls

"In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." Though Cady Harris didn't get the memo, this infamous costume is perfect if you're planning to scare your friends this year!

2. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde
This cute film taught us not to judge a book by its cover and that it's possible to achieve your goals if you work hard enough. If you love pink, you will love this costume. Oh, and go for a stuffed animal if you don't want PETA after you!

3. Cher from Clueless

Everyone's favourite clueless girl had the best outfits (not to mention, every girl's dream closet) and was an expert in matching. If you're feeling like being fashionable this year, this is the costume for you!

4. Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the Wind

If you feel like being dramatic this year, who would be better to dress up as other than Miss Scarlett O'Hara herself? This stubborn and lively character flaunted in the most beautiful dresses (there were plenty of them in this four hour long film!) and never failed to impress the audience. Don't forget your sunhat!

5. Amelie from Amelie

Who didn't fall in love with the cute French girl searching for love? Amelie is perfect for a last-minute costume - try to look conservative with a cardigan and a long skirt. You can either buy a wig at your local Halloween store or be bold enough to get a pixie cut yourself!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hot Stuff

Check out our members work the camera during our October Photo Shoot!

Here are the 2011-2012 WLU Fashion & Lifestyle Society execs!

A Little Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Midterm Chic

'Tis the season of midterms, and the last thing on your mind is making sure you look presentable while you cram before your exams. But when you look up from your desk and see a cute guy pass you by, you can't help but kick yourself a little for not making more of an effort to look nice. There is no need for more stress at a time like this, because it is possible to look comfortable and cute at the library. Here are some tips on how to hit the books in style:

1. Be simple and chic.
It's easier to create an outfit with a dress, since all of the work is basically done for you. Match them up with cute flats and a cardigan to keep warm in the chilly library.
Here's an example of a dress from H&M that can be worn with tights:

2. Keep basic wardrobe items at hand.
It's important to always have jeans and a comfortable T-shirt to throw together last minute. Wear an over-sized cardigan and Toms with it and you're ready to go!
Boyfriend jeans are always cute and give you room to move. Check out these ones from Topshop:

3. Find an alternative to sweatpants.
Harem pants work great with a sweatshirt and long T-shirt. You can match them with a pair of bold-coloured Keds to add some colour to your look.
Here is a pair of harem pants from Ralph Lauren:

4. Look comfy but not lazy.
It's not flattering to look like you just rolled out of bed, so aim to appear cozy without looking sloppy. Wear shorts and a button-up shirt with a pair of your favourite Converse for maximum comfort. 
Here's a cute plaid flannel shirt from Forever 21:

Clothing Items to Avoid
Try to steer away from sweatpants, pajama bottoms and slippers. I understand it's important to make your study area feel like home and as comfortable as possible, but there is a reason why we stay hidden in our house when we dress like that!