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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Five Biggest Trends for Fall 2011

The 70s are back! Here are a few trends to keep tabs on this fall:

High-Waisted Flare Pants
The days of ridiculing bell bottoms are over! High-waisted pants that are tight at the top and fashionably widen out at the bottom are completely 70s-inspired. You can match these pants with a tucked-in sheer blouse or a bold-coloured blazer.
Get these pants at Forever 21 for $27.80

Sheer Blouse
It is often difficult to figure out what to wear underneath this kind of blouse; you can be a little risqué and wear a black bra underneath or keep it safe for school with a neutral-coloured tank top.
This cute blouse can be found at H&M for $9.95

Pleated Skirts

Who could forget Audrey Hepburn's signature pleated skirt in Roman Holiday? This trend is back in short, mid-calf, and ankle length. Make sure this skirt accentuates your waist; you can do so by wearing a simple leather belt with it.
H&M has this knee-length skirt for $34.95

Fur Ankle Boots
Let's face it, fur is always going to remain a trend. These boots show it off  without making it overkill (hence those Cruella de Vil fur coats!) and are great to wear even throughout winter. 
Check out these Zara boots for $159.00.

Leather Skirts
The black leather skirt is one of the hottest trends currently out there. Contrary to what a lot of women believe, this skirt is actually quite versatile. You can go from looking work-ready to runway-chic with just the change of a shirt or accessories. For school, you can pair it with a sweatshirt-like shirt. 
Here's an H&M skirt for $39.95.

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